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Travertine Countertops Daily Care Options

Travertine countertops – Travertine stone, whether used for countertops and floors, can be easily damaged if not cleaned regularly or properly. Dirt, food, spills, and debris left on the surface of the stone can leave scratches and stains, while erroneous cleaning products or rubbing roughly can damage the finish or leave marks that ruin the appearance of the stone. Keeping travertine stone especially clean by removing fast dust and dirt will go a long way towards preserving the appearance of travertine stone tiles and countertops. Travertine, like all natural stones, has a hard surface that is much less conducive to bacterial growth than other surfaces, such as wood.

How To Clean Travertine Countertops

How To Clean Travertine Countertops

Clean it frequently with warm water, stone cleaner or a mild liquid soap to keep it germ-free. Use a soft rubbing brush to clean the surface of the grout and tile. Most natural stone surfaces benefit from a sealant. Consult the seller for information on sealing travertine countertops product. Clean any spills, drops or water spots immediately with a sponge or soft cotton cloth. Spills left in travertine stone, especially those that contain any type of acid, such as citric acid, can leave behind permanent damage if not cleaned immediately. Moisten a clean cotton cloth or sponge with warm water. Wipe the meter down with a damp cloth or sponge. Exfoliating with a light as necessary to remove food or other debris.

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Rinse the cloth or sponge frequently so that the dirt and debris collected on the fabric will not scratch the finish of the stone when it is cleaned. Dry the travertine countertops stone with a clean, dry cotton cloth immediately after cleaning. Clean the travertine stone countertops, once every three or four months with a cleaning product by mixing a mild cleaner made of stone with water. Clean the counters with a sponge or a soft cotton cloth moistened in the cleaning solution. Rinse the counters by wiping them with a soft cotton cloth or a sponge moistened with clean, warm water, and then dry them thoroughly.

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