Teak Countertops Nature Atmosphere Decoration

Published On December 17, 2018 | By maria | Countertops

Teak countertops – The wooden countertops are not the most resistant, but well maintained can last a long time. Aesthetically bring warmth and beauty, so today’s manufacturers have developed sealing and lacquering treatments so that this material works perfectly and moisture does not leak. Teak oil is used for the preservation of the natural characteristics of the wood. Teak oil penetrates deep into wooden furniture to protect it from mildew, as it is water resistant. Danish oil is also used to treat different types of wood. It is safe to use indoors or outdoors.

Mineral Oil Teak Countertops

Mineral Oil Teak Countertops

It is less hard than teak oil and can be used to treat children’s toys and teak countertops, as it is non-toxic and safe. This type of countertops is not the most appropriate for those people who get on their nerves when they see a small scratch or scratch. However, there are those who believe that scratches are normal, that is to say, the fruit of the years of life and the use we give to the kitchen. Any spillage of teak or Danish oil should be cleaned while still wet with a cotton cloth. Anyway, we will always have the possibility of sanding and varnishing the countertop leaving it almost as new for a few more years.

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The teak, oak, beech, walnut or mahogany are the most resistant to moisture, but the important thing is that the sealing treatment of the pore is good. The teak countertops will give a very attractive touch to your kitchen whether it is decorated in light colors or if it is decorated in dark tones. It is a great option if your furniture and appliances are metallic in appearance. In this kitchen, the wood counteracts the coldness of the metal. The use of teak wood in different shades will enhance the decoration of your kitchen. Try not to combine more than three tones to avoid recharging the environment.

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