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September 26, 2019 Countertops

Take a Look at the Excellent Cork Countertops

Cork countertops kitchen, It is a jewel of nature. Know the properties of cork and its versatility as a decorative material and for coatings. If you are thinking about renewing the look of your kitchen or bathroom and looking for an ecological material that is also impressive, take a look at the excellent possibilities offered by this raw material. Cork is an interesting alternative for the wet rooms of the house, such as bathrooms and kitchens. It supposes an efficient and economic option in front of materials such as ceramics and stone, also providing an extra in matters of sustainability.

Cork Board Countertops

Cork Board Countertops

Cork offers many advantages as material for the wet areas of the house. Its natural resistance to humidity, its elasticity and its great capacity of soundproofing and thermal insulation make it a very suitable material for floors, ceilings or walls of these domestic spaces. Cork countertops is an economic material, resistant and light, that is also recyclable and biodegradable, so from the point of view of sustainability is very interesting. But its advantages do not end here, since as an added it is a nice and warm material thanks to its texture of natural origin. A Mediterranean and ecological material.

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The cork oak is the only tree whose bark is regenerated annually, which makes it possible to take advantage of it without the need to damage the tree. It is, therefore, a product that originates naturally, being also biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Its process of elaboration is also notpollutant and does not originate waste, since the pieces of cork countertops are joined by tails that entail less danger to the environment than the formaldehyde products that were used in the past. Multiple formats Cork is manufactured today in different formats: sheets, rolls, plates or tiles, as well as in different shades, from the characteristic honey color to darker shades.

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