Recycled Countertops Glass Material Choice

Published On December 20, 2018 | By maria | Countertops

Recycled countertops – Recycled glass is among the most extravagant raw material, which currently prevails and useful to capture the attention of manufacturing companies around the world. What started as wine bottles, jars and myriad glass containers has become a growing industry that is producing products that are so beautiful, that they often look better than expensive originals. If you are practical and would like to do OTC operations that will not stop people in your tracks while saving you a packet of cash, this could be your opportunity to shine. Research countertops made from recycled materials to collect ideas before starting your project.

Diy Recycled Glass Countertops

Diy Recycled Glass Countertops

Look for shredded, recycled glass at recycling centers, industrial waste sites, and scrap yards. Look for these types of raw materials: old windows, broken crockery and glasses, car windscreens, colored glass fragments, laboratory glass, disassembled semaphore glass and the remnants of the demolition of buildings. Buy a molded counter or make a frame for one that suits your assigned space. Calculate the amount of glass your recycled countertops will have to make. On average, six bottles of wine provide enough raw material for a square foot of manufactured countertop. If you prefer percentages, manufacturers that work with recycled glass recommend mixing 85% ground glass with 15% binder material.

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Carefully cut and crush the glass you have assembled to obtain an aesthetically pleasing blend of fragments. Use green, brown or blue beer or wine bottles for single-color recycled countertops or combine clear and colored shards for a multi-colored look. Choose a joining material. The most popular options are resins and cement bases, despite petroleum-based raw materials such as resin removing a bit of the sustainability mantle of the final product. In truth, any material that can be softened and mixed with glass fragments, then hardened in a mold, will do the job. Pour the contents of the mixture into the mold (s) in the form of counter-you purchased or made at home in the frame you have built.

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