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September 14, 2019 Countertops

Penny Countertops Glass Covers Maintenance

Penny countertops – For glass countertops, any type of glass does not work but must meet a series of strict requirements to be safe, clean and durable. In Vidreglass we use a type of glass with proven results as it is used when high strength is required in facades, curtain walls, work surfaces, and heavy-duty tables, stairs, steps, partitions, screens, railings, doors, shelves, the cladding of walls and other vitreous surfaces, etc. It also provides a sophisticated appearance and is resistant to atmospheric agents and pollution. Even so, it is inevitable that the use slightly lightens its shine due to imperceptible remnants of dirt that remain on the surface.

Carrara Countertops With Blue Penny Round

Carrara Countertops With Blue Penny Round

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To keep our glass penny countertops as the first day, we recommend that you clean a couple of times a year with Radora Brillant (product especially indicated to recover the original shine of the glass). Although the effects invite you to use it more frequently, we should not do it more than 4 times a year. This type of glass penny countertops is very resistant but we should not abuse it because it is that: resistant but not unbreakable. Therefore we must avoid both overloads and unnecessary pressures on the edges. Of common sense, we will avoid excessively strong blows. Our tempered glass has a good resistance to heat, but like any other material, it can be sensitive to sudden thermal shocks.

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It is necessary to maintain a certain prudence when moving pots or pans directly on the kitchen penny countertops. To avoid unnecessary risks, it will be enough to use a tablecloth. To clean the usual rests of lime, we can use the clean soap-home or specific soap for toilets. For the most resistant stains, a specifically anti-lime product can be used. To prevent scale deposits, dry the surface after cleaning. By being in the kitchen, the best results are achieved with anti-fat products, and multi-purpose products are also suitable.

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