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April 22, 2019 Countertops

Neolith Countertops: What Is It? How Do You Work?

In recent years, diverse names have appeared in terms of architectural materials capable of offering coating solutions, among them, the name of Neolith stands out. We could talk about the neolith countertops, which are many and very diverse, because since this product came onto the market, it has become a solution that many in the world of architecture want to try. In general, it is a very useful alternative due to its multiple applications, which speaks of a versatile material, whose final results do not disappoint. The Neolith properties are intimately linked to the raw materials that make up this material.

About Neolith Countertops

About Neolith Countertops

If you wonder what the Neolith is, we will tell you that it is a new architectural material whose composition and manufacturing process give it extremely positive mechanical characteristics and transform it into a highly versatile technical solution. In essence, the neolith countertops combines the best raw material with the most advanced technology and therefore is a true innovation in terms of coatings. As for Neolith material, what we will say is that it is a porcelain tile that has a huge variety of applications and useful features. As for Neolith colors, we find different finishes that adapt to different spaces and applications.

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But the interesting thing is that the way in which material Neolith is found is the result of a complex process in which the Sintering Technology that The Size has developed to create neolith countertops is used. This technology is responsible for replicating in a matter of hours the process by which rocks are created naturally over thousands of years. The procedure consists of subjecting the raw materials that make up the final product to very high pressures and temperatures. Three groups of elements are subjected to this sintering process: quartz and feldspar, glass and silica and natural oxides, which result in a porcelain with amazing technical properties.

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