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Lightweight Countertop Homemade Custom Kitchen

Lightweight countertop – Ceramic countertops are an attractive surface to have in a kitchen or in a patio. They are cool in temperature, do not stain easily with water or other liquids and cannot be damaged by being hot anything laid on them. Building your own lightweight cement countertops is something that can be done quite easily. After measuring the dimensions of the cement countertop, build a frame made of melamine-coated particleboard that will help make the shape of the bar. You can find this part at most hardware stores. The thin plastic coating on the outside will help keep the concrete from sticking when it is dismantled.

Lightweight Countertop Choices

Lightweight Countertop Choices

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Join the sides of the particle board together with screws, depending on how thick you want your countertop to be. It is probably a good idea to make your lightweight countertop at least 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick so that it can support the weight of a person leaning over it or even sitting on it. Your lightweight cement countertop should be thick enough to be solid, but not too heavy. Mix approximately 1 1/2 liters of water per 60 pounds. cement bag. The more concrete it is added, the heavier the countertop will become as the microscopic cracks will come closer and closer together, making the counter denser.

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So the quality of lightweight and the strength of the lightweight countertop itself should be estimated here. Once you have settled on the right combination for your counter, pour it into the frame and smooth it while it dries. It should be anywhere from a day to two days to dry completely. Release the joints of your frame with a small, flat lever, breaking the edges of the particleboard to reveal the edges of the countertop you just made. Be careful when doing this so you do not crack or prick your own concrete countertop.

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