How To Repair Composite Countertops At Home

Published On December 29, 2018 | By maria | Countertops

Composite countertops – Composite countertops are accessories composed of more than one material. These can include particle board, plywood, laminates, and other construction materials. These composite countertops are installed in the same way, regardless of the materials used, being anchored in place with thin layer mortar or putty. Removing a composite countertop can be done by means of demolition directly or by prying it up and away from the framing cabinet. Marble composite – also known as cultivated marble is a durable, attractive material commonly used to make countertops.

Composite Bathroom Countertops

Composite Bathroom Countertops

Imitates composite countertops the look of natural marble, is available in a variety of colors and resistant to stains and scratches. Composite marble resists most cleaning products, apart from abrasives and abrasive cleaners, which can destroy the protective coating. Composite marble cleans regularly to maintain its appearance. Close the sink faucet. Put several towels in the cupboard under the sink. Turn the sink and let the water drain out. Loosen the water supply lines, as well as the drain line, go to the sink with a pipe wrench. That no remaining water falls on the towels. Score the edges of the kitchen sink with a knife to cut the putty joining the sink to the countertop. Pull the kitchen sink from the composite countertop and set aside.

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Score the length of the back wall against the wall with a knife, cut the caulking. Insert a chisel between the back wall and the wall and get stuck in when hitting the chisel with a hammer. Leave the chisel wedge in the space and insert a lever bar into the crack. Pry on the back wall of the wall. Insert the chisel between the composite countertop and the cabinet structure, repeatedly hitting with a hammer to create a wedge between the cabinet frame and the composite countertops. Lift the composite countertop out of the cabinet structure, exposing the plywood or particleboard underneath. Pour the putty remover on the exposed wood according to the manufacturer’s application instructions.

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