How To Clean A Honed Granite Countertop Marble Looking

Honed Marble Countertop Best Option Maintenance

Honed marble countertop – Marble is one of the first class natural stones for use in kitchens such as countertops and backsplashes. It comes in a variety of colors and types, depending on where it is extracted from, and you can choose between shallow, matte or polished surface finishes. Although aged marble is desired from sheer aesthetics, natural, matte and polished are the best options if you are looking for a more refined finish for your kitchen countertop. By looking at the difference between finishes, matte and polish provide the most accurate vision. The polished surfaces have a glossy, mirror-like finish.

While matte marbles have only been smoothed and the natural flaws filled in, so it has a flat surface, but without the polished shine. The type of finish that is chosen will depend on whether you are going for a reflective surface or simply a smooth surface without gloss. Maintenance of both types of marble is quite similar, although there are some small differences. Marble, matte requires regular layers of sealer to help protect the color of the natural stone, while the honed marble countertop has a stain, smooth surface that needs less sealer compared to its non-polished counterpart. Polished marble is also easier to clean compared to matt, given its smooth finish.

Matted marbles are more prone to absorb liquids that may spill during cooking while polished surfaces are more resistant and can resist faintly better discoloration. Sealing is required for both types, but the polished surface of honed marble countertop is less likely to absorb stains compared to polished marble over long periods of time. Polished marble can resist stains better than matte, but as far as scratches and other types of surface wear are concerned, honing is the best option, as it lacks the polished surface that is more easily scratched. While you can still scratch the polished marble surface, it is not so easily apparent because there is no polished shine to contrast against.