Hidden Countertop Support Brackets Steel

Hidden Countertop Support Brackets Installation Guides

Hidden countertop support brackets – The installation of a Bosch dishwasher depends on what type of countertop you have on your cabinets. Formica and wood-based countertops use a stand at the top of the dishwasher, while stone and marble countertops require a mounting bracket on the side of the dishwasher to be inserted into the side of a wooden piece of furniture. Bosch provides mounting brackets to suit any situation. The installation of a Bosch dishwasher mounting bracket may require some modification to the support if it has marble or stone countertops.

Granite countertops are frequently used in kitchen designs. If you are installing a granite counter on an island in the kitchen, or on a wall in the middle, you may also want to include a projection for the seat. Any projection larger than 6 to 8 inches should be supported from below to prevent cracking if leaned forward. Since decorative hidden countertop support brackets can loosen, or get in the way of seats, a thin sheet of steel can adhere to the granite to help support the weight. Place a 1/8 inch steel plate directly in the cabinet will be installed in the granite. Align the edge one of the steel plate with the edge of the box the granite does not protrude.

The other side of the steel plate should extend along the cabinets for the 4-inch period of where the granite will end. holes in the steel plate with a bit of steel where the plate will line up with the cabinet spars, or edge. Screw the plate directly into the cabinet where it meets the edge of the support cabinet. Apply epoxy to the steel plate. Make a large X on the plate, and then trace the edge of the plate with a solid line of epoxy. Lift the granite slab on top of the hidden countertop support brackets and settle in place. The steel will extend below the slab and hold it in place, the epoxy will harden within 24 hours and permanently fix the plate to the granite.