Ubatuba Granite Countertop Pictures

Granite Countertop Pictures About Myth And Fact

Granite countertop pictures – Granite countertops are often components of modern kitchen design. They come in many finishes, colors, and styles, and fit into almost every type of decoration. Along with its popularity, many myths surrounding this product have also increased. The first myth or misconception about granite counters is the fact that these stones are made of granite. In fact, there are very few stones that are sold for countertops that are made of real granite. Royal granite is gray and pink, composed of silica, mica, and feldspar. The rest of the stones being marketed as granite are what is known as the “commercial” granite.

This means stones such as migmatites, gabbros and gneiss are labeled and sold as granite. Another one of the most frequently heard myths about granite countertop pictures counters concerns their maintenance. Because not all granite stones are marked equally, either in the characteristics or in the mineral makeup, not all stones need equal treatment. Dark colored stones are much denser than light colored stones, and in some cases do not need to be sealed. Stones like Absolute Black, an igneous rock, are so hard and dense that they cannot be scratched and never stain, regardless of sealing. Other stones are extremely porous and will stain and scratch easily.

Test your piece of stone by leaving a small amount of liquid and acid in a sample to see what the item is like. A myth that has gained a lot of traction after an erroneous study published in a newspaper, is that granite countertop pictures produce dangerous amounts of radon gas. In fact, granite countertops are unable to produce enough radon gas that is harmful, and there may be more radon coming from the basement walls of your counter. For a granite countertop to release enough radon gas that is harmful, it would have to be structurally unstable. Many owners are concerned about placing a pan, hot from the stove directly on the granite countertop.