Refinish Cultured Marble Countertops

Cultured Marble Countertops Cutting And Daily Cares

Cultured marble countertops – Cultivated marble is a mixture of crushed limestone and fiberglass resin. It is used in countertops because it is a durable, resistant, non-porous, stain-resistant, easy-to-maintain material. Cultivated marble looks like real marble with its elegant and classy designer look. The cut of cultivated marble without damaging the surface can be a challenge, but it is possible, following a few simple steps. Mark all measurements on the cultivated marble countertop to ensure that your cuts are straight and accurate. Use the straight edge of a ruler and pencil to make your marks.

Shade in the section of the cultured marble countertops so that there is no uncertainty involved during the cut. Attach a piece of 2-by-4 wood to the countertop for use as a ruler. Secure the wood next to the pencil line. Insert a thin carbide blade into a circular saw and cut the cultivated marble slowly, following the rule. Start cutting the underside of the countertop to avoid splintering the surface. When you buy your cultivated marble, always buy 10 percent more of the waste. Cultivated marble is a very hard, highly polished and firm material that is extremely difficult to cut. Wear properly a mask to avoid inhaling the dust that is going to be created when cutting cultured marble countertops.

When the brightness of the countertop and water repel decreases the capacity, you will also have to re-wax. Knowing how to clean properly cultured marble countertops helps you avoid damaging the protective coating and dulling gloss of marble. Clean the countertop with a non-abrasive cleaner applied to a cellulose sponge. Options include bath rod cleaner, clean fiberglass tub or window cleaner. A damp cloth with mild soap is another alternative. Check for hard water stains, mineral deposits and wax buildup. Hard water spots and minerals appear as a film or white calcareous crust.