Pictures Of Calacatta Gold Marble Countertops

Calacatta Gold Marble Countertops Elegant And Exclusive Material

Calacatta gold marble countertops – Particularly, the marble countertops although it is a more delicate material, I recognize that the Marble Countertops give an aesthetic touch of distinction and elegance to the Bathroom or Kitchen out of the ordinary. The marbled textures are ragingly topical, for their elegant veins and undisputed natural beauty. Calacatta Gold imitates to perfection this elegant white marble with gray, blue veins and small golden shades that offer luminosity and sophistication to the kitchen or bathroom where it is installed. Thus, the elegant and exclusive atmosphere of this marble variety goes hand with the incomparable aspect of our synthetic quartz countertops.

Calacatta marble is one of the most desired natural stones in history due to its whiteness nuanced with rich and marked gray veins that end up endowing it with a very special elegance. If you choose surfaces like calacatta gold marble countertops from Silestone, you will get a space that stands out for its exclusivity and, at the same time, with all these practical features: Quartz is one of the hardest and most resistant elements that exist, even more than granite or marble. Its innovative N-Boost technology achieves greater color intensity and extraordinary brightness while allowing cleaning and daily maintenance of the countertops are much easier than ever thanks to the hydrophobic property of the material.

No special maintenance is required to take care of the material. Simply pass a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner to keep a surface clean of stains and preserve the color as if it were the first day. It is a very versatile marble, suitable for kitchen countertops, walls and parapets in the cooking area. The bet for the white granite is a surefire classic, ideal for spaces of any decor, from traditional to rustic and Nordic, through the purest minimalism. calacatta gold marble countertops is a very good choice, not only for its white color, but also for the subtle dazzling golden sparkles.