Butcher Block Countertop Menards

Butcher Countertop Installation And Daily Cares

Butcher countertop – Updating worn countertops gives even the most horrible kitchen new appeal. Whether your design style is modern or industrial, you can select a countertop surface to match your plans. Butcher’s table or butcher’s block countertops are usually made of maple rock wood. They are built by gluing short blocks, wooden squares together with the edge grain that faces upwards. Once installed, they can be coated with oil, varnish or other protective substance. Butcher tabletops require significantly more maintenance than granite countertops. Although varnish or polyurethane protects wood countertops, it is best to use mineral oil because accidental nicks are easier to repair.

The hot oil should be applied to the surface and left to soak for several hours monthly. Butcher countertop are not as durable as granite countertops. They are susceptible to splintering and deformation. Slicing food directly on wooden counters will leave knife marks. Butcher’s countertops are made of segments of wood that have been glued together and sanded until they are still. If you have butcher countertops, it is important to seal them to protect and maintain them. Determine what type of finish you need to seal the butcher’s counter. Over time, wood loses moisture, color and oxidizes changes.

Choose your finish based on what the countertop is used for. Use film former, or coating finish, for butcher countertop that do not see too much wear. Although finished film formers will waterproof the wood, which wear and chip. Use oils for countertops that see a lot of action and are exposed to moisture that often penetrates. Use a clean cloth or brush to spread the finish over the surface of the wood. Allow the finish to soak for 24 hours, and repeat. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to application and safety when using a sealant or finish. Clean excess oil. Reapply the consistent finish each time the counter is washed or sanded.