Tile Ideas With Sky Blue Marble Countertop

Blue Marble Countertop Special Treatment At Home

Blue marble countertop – Marble is a natural stone widely used as a decorative and functional element. Its beauty is undoubted, but at the same time it turns out to be a very delicate material and if we do not take extreme care it is common that spots appear. Then we tell you the best tricks to clean and remove marble stains. Whether in the form of a countertop, floor, wall or decorative element, marble provides beauty and glamor to any home. Follow these cleaning tips if you want marble surfaces always look like the first day. Moisten a soft microfiber cloth with hot water and clean it with the surface.

With another cloth, dry the surface, otherwise, there will be water spots. Take a couple of drops of the mild dishwasher in a bowl of warm water and stir well. If the blue marble countertop is dark in color we can also use acetone and if it is clear oxygenated water. Wet a soft cloth in the mixture and clean the surface with it. Remove all remaining soap with a cloth moistened with clean water. Dry the surface completely with another cloth. Marble is a very soft and delicate stone, so you should never use vinegar or acidic products to clean it, as it would ruin its shine, giving it a dull and dull appearance.

Stains should usually be removed as soon as possible, but this is especially recommended if it is a blue marble countertop surface. This material is so delicate that any product a bit acidic could cause irreversible damage. These could be as common foods like tomato, citrus juice, coffee or wine. In case the stain is recent, remove any liquid or solid residue with a rag. Avoid spreading the stain further, cleaning from the outside in and without rubbing. Cover the stain with the paste and cover it with a transparent film (kitchen plastic), sticking the edges with adhesive tape.