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September 11, 2019 Countertops

Aesthetics and Durability of Paperstone Countertops

When a kitchen of any home is reformed, one of the points on which to decide is the material of the countertop. It is an important decision that must be made based on criteria of functionality, aesthetics and, above all, durability. As we already talked about which countertop to choose for your kitchen, in this post we will talk about paperstone countertops, a type of countertop that, although somewhat more expensive than other synthetic materials, is one of the most elegant that exist. We see, then, the types, advantages and disadvantages of stone countertops. Stone countertops are one of the most used materials for this purpose.

Are Paperstone Countertops

Are Paperstone Countertops

This is because materials such as granite and marble give the home an elegant touch, although there are other types such as limestone, quartz or slate. But the fact is that paperstone countertops require more meticulous care than others. Let’s see the main materials. We will mention some material types. Marble is one of the most used stones. It is one of the hardest materials and can be purchased in different colors. This type of stone was very used even in antiquity, being very appreciated by both Greeks and Romans. This stone is a material that is easy to work, also gives a touch of elegance to the kitchen. This stone countertops is resistant to heat.

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However, there are some types of marble top that although are resistant to high temperatures, if they can burn, so it is recommended to cover them with protectors. This paperstone countertops material can be polished again if it loses its shine, but this process can be very expensive. So when choosing the countertop it would be better that instead of a polished finish, choose a matt one. Marble is a very clean material. But this stone also has its drawbacks, it being a natural material is porous, so it is prone to absorb oils and fats that can be difficult to eliminate.

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